Numerous effects in one product 

 With a winning combination of natural herbs, recentinnovations, and emerging technology, 

Denta Mate has numerous effects includingmaintain healthy oral health and cleaning oral cavities thoroughly.

Denta Mate is made from pure extracts of carefully selected natural herbs.

Concentrated herbal extracts used as ingredients 

have medicinal properties, which help cure gingivitis,

tighten up gums, and keep gums healthy.

Our white paste is creamier and

smoother than that of other products.

Due to our highly effective, intense formula,

a single use needs only a pea-size amount of paste;

 and it will clean your oral cavities thoroughly.

 A tube of Denta Mate can be used 7-8 times longer than regular  products.

Denta Mate reduces accumulations of oral microorganisms

which are a main cause of bad breath.

Denta Mate reduces plaque and stain accumulations
 which are a key factor behind tooth decay and gum diseases.

Denta Mate is free of flour and sugar
 which involve stimulating oral bacteria growth.

Denta Mate is free from preservatives and SLS

which may cause irritation and leave residue in oral cavities.

 Spotlessly Clean with Natural Herbs 

Consisting of natural herb extracts rigorously selected, Denta Mate is a good choice of toothpaste for health lovers who would love to be pampered by the nature. There are no added preservatives or SLS which may leave body residue. All of the herbs used as constituents are full of health-giving properties with immunizing effects on oral health.


Clove has healing properties including inhibiting the growth of some kinds of bacteria, reducing accumulations of oral microorganisms which is a key factor of halitosis, relieving the pain of toothache, treating gum bleeding, and strengthening tooth roots.

Aloe Vera

It contains properties which help retain moisture, encourage the healing of oral wounds, and reduce inflammation of oral soft tissues, keep gum healthy, as well as improve gum health. 


Camphor helps nourish tooth nerves, tighten up gums, and stop gum recession. Also, its wonderful smell could help freshen invigorating breath up and leave your mouth clean and fresh throughout the day.


It can help treat gingivitis and ease the pain of toothache; and it has mildly fragrant smell which gets rid of bad breath and keeps your breath fresh for hours.

Pure Salt 

It improves gum and dental cleaning, prevents bad breath, maintains healthy gums, as well as strengthens teeth.

Denta Mate is made out of pure herbal extracts. 

Its white paste is creamier 

and smoother than that of other brands.

Denta Mate reduces accumulations of oral microorganisms 

is free from preservatives which 

may causeirritation in oral cavities.

In addition, Denta Mate consists of ingredients 

including concentrated herbal extracts of which 

properties help relieve symptoms of receding gums, 

tighten up gums, and maintain healthy gums.

is free of flour and sugar which are growthsimulators of oral bacteria causing bad breath.

is free from SLS 

which may irritate oral cavities.

Only a green pea-size amount   of it is 

needed  for  a single use due to its highly effective, 

intense formula; so a tube of 

Denta Mate may last 7-8 times longer than regular products.

reduces plaque accumulations which are the rootcause 

of tooth decay and gum diseases.